Products / Accessories

Torch Camera

Live Machine Monitoring

Our machine cameras are protected by an industrial quality aluminum housing. Machine cameras are especially useful when the controller is mounted off the machine. Embedded video feedback is great for tracing remnants, machine monitoring, and diagnostics.

  • Industrial Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Optional Lens Filter Available
  • Simplifies Common Machine Tasks

Pen Marking Tool

Alternate to Scribing

Our innovative pen marking tool offers an alternate to scribing by writing on the material with a permanent marker or even a fine-tipped pen. Our simple design allow you to quickly replace worn out markers.

  • Simple and Durable Design
  • Offers an Alternate to Scribing
  • Compatible with a Variety of Pens and Markers

X-Box Controller Compatible

Remote Machine Jogging

Expand a machine's capabilities with a bluetooth xbox controller which allows remote machine jogging and torch placement while being away from the controller.

BlueTooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology is standard for wirelessly exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances. Using this bluetooth technology gives the controller a reliable connection and range.