Products / Lifters

Precision Height Control

Our plasma lifters utilize Yaskawa's Sigma-7 Servo Motors for extremely smooth precise motion on an industrial grade level. Precision cutting with vibration suppression allow for smoother and more accurate parts at impressive speeds. We have a variety of industrial lifters to fit your application with custom designs available as well.

Laser Plate Mapping

We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's been offered before in the plasma industry. We introduced laser mapping of structural members for 3D cutting back in 2011. Since then, we have advanced the technology for plate cutting to bring your machine to a new era of production.

  • Non-Contact Material Sensing
  • Edge Detection for Plate Skewing
  • Crop Cut Generation
  • Structural Member Processing

Crash Detection System

A must have to any good height control is the ability to reliably protect the head assembly from part kick up or operation error. When the torch contacts an obstacle, the magnet separates which triggers an input that is sampled 1000 times a second which stops the machine instantly. The torch is easily reattached using the alignment pins to ensure that it is properly seated on the lifter.

Oxy Torch Lifter

We also offer different versions of a gas torch lifter. A narrow design so multiple lifters can be spaced for multiple part production. Internal speed control with dc motor and brake for use with IHT capacitive torches. Also available with multi-direction adjustments for thick plate processing.

Beveling Lifter

Designed for the high-speed and precise movements, our robust bevel lifter uses an advanced bearing system for heaver loads and an internal counter-balance to offset the effect of gravity.