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Your new temporary marking solution.

If you are in search of a way to speed up production, lower labor cost while improving worker safety, and efficiently keep track of part numbers, job numbers, etc. whether you need a single-dot or 16-dot, our systems can handle the most complex of your plate marking needs.

  • Quickly visualize part layouts
  • Mark part numbers and job numbers
  • Lower labor cost and improve efficiency
  • Easy ink cleanup with acetone

Single Dot Ink Markers

Our compact single-dot ink marking unit gives the user the benefits of an industrial quality temporary marking system without the bulk of our larger 16-dot system.

Why choose Single-Dot?
  • Economical choice for lower volume production
  • Compatability with our XD Bevel system
  • Mark at 90° angles on sides of tubing, beams, etc

Multi-Dot Ink Markers

With 16 individual ink dispersers, this marker makes quick work of intricate jobs. Multi-dot markers are even capable of switching to single-dot mode on the fly for particular needs.

Why choose Multi-Dot?
  • Extremely fast plate marking for high volume production
  • Fully retractable marker in industrial case with protective doors for tough environments

Precise Laser Positioning

With the help of top of the line distance measurement lasers, these ink markers are built for high-speed and precise movements required for demanding marking applications. This unit is built to handle the tough demands of production ink marking.

  • Non-Contact Material Sensing
  • Edge Detection for Plate Skewing
  • Best-in-class Detection Ability and Stability

We know that real world scenarios don't always involve pristine, perfect pieces of material. Our intelligent laser system ensures precise, readable results, even on non-ideal, rusty plates.

Easy Cleaning/Purging of Ink

With an easily accessible switch with clear, readable choices of 'INK' and 'CLEAN' make our ink marking systems a snap to purge and load with different colors on the fly.

Full 360° Marking

Capable of full 360° rotation for marking at unconventional angles to meet a plethora of marking needs.

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